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Mobile mechanics differ from a traditional garage in that you can provide a range of services at the customers house or if a break down on the hard shoulder. Each type of service will need tools engineered for that particular task. You most likely also offer a towing service if unable to fix easily. That types of service that you provide start to add up, break down and recovery, battery charging and roadside assistance. In the garage you can offer extra services such as regular servicing. For these very reason mobile mechanics insurance has evolved that lets you pick and match range of insurance cover types.

mobile mecahnic insurance

Features of Mobile Engineer Insurance

Most policies will include or have the option of adding the following:

  • Fire and defined Events: This cover will protect you against loss or damage of your business contents, equipment, tools, stock and building in case of an explosion, fire, earthquake, impact of falling trees, storm damage or malicious damage.
  • Burglary: With this cover, you will be safe from losses brought about by theives breaking into your premises and stealing your tools, equipment, content or stock.
  • Glass: Avoid the losses incurred due to breakage of your business advertising signs, display cabinets, glass shelving or front windows.
  • Public and Product Liability: This cover will protect your business against negligent actions that result in property damage or personal injury.
  • Money: Our cover can protect your money from being stolen from your property.

Options to consider including in mobile mechanics insurance policy

  • Mechanic tool insurance: Tools are easily sold, making them a target of bad actors. With advances in technology some tools are small computers and are very expensive to buy or replace. If you have invested heavily in your tools of the trade, taking out special tools insurance may be the right option for you.
  • Breakdown cover : By the very nature of your trade you will spend most time on the road to help stranded motorists. Breakdown cover will provide quick roadside assistance and get you back to business quickly. Some policies will include a replacement vehicle, if needed.
  • Liability claims : Any business that deals with the public should consider taking out a public liability policy. These need not be expensive and if a claim is made against you or your business from negligence, you then have cover to fall back on.
  • Every business is different, particularly if you operate a mobile mechanic business. This is understood and all policies can be highly tailored to your exact insurance needs. Remember as your business model changes or business grows, contact your broker to make changes as and if necessary.

Our online application process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. Moreover, you are not required to pay to get a quote. We will get you multiple quotes so that you can compare the benefits of each and decide which one will be right for your business.

Mobile mechanics many times can be the saviors of the stranded. Being on call for people that need you can be very rewarding. The question is often asked whether or not full motor trade insurance is needed. If you’re a mobile mechanic, the answer is no. The mobile mechanic insurance policy is designed for people who do not buy and sell vehicles and therefore do not need a policy that covers a multitude of different cars you may happen to own over the course of the year.

By obtaining a mobile mechanics insurance policy, you will be provided with cover for the things that you need most, such as driving a customer’s vehicle on the road for testing and diagnosing, and Public Liability cover which will protect you against claims that may arise as a result of injury to a member of the public or damages to their personal property. You can also choose to protect your tools, equipment and employees, should you have any.

Can I get part time auto mechanics insurance?

Working part time is popular and if you fall into this category we are able to provide you with part time traders insurance . It will be similar to a full time mechanics policy, but will be tailored to your part time needs

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To get multiple mobile mechanics insurance quotes you only need to provide a few basic details such as your name and address. and some details of your business mainly the equipment and tools that you have and their value. This information will be sent direct a select panel of insurance brokers, who in turn will provide you with individual mobile mechanics insurance quotes. This will enable you to compare multiple quotes side by side and find the broker that provides the level of protection desired, at a price within your budget.

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Protect your Mechanics Business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.