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Motorcycle Traders Insurance

If you’re motorcycle trader, in the course of doing business most likely you will be handling numerous expensive bikes that will need to be covered for risks such as collision, vandalism, and theft. If you find yourself operating from premises, then you will also need to protect your building, your stock, tools, and even cash. Motorcycle traders insurance is specifically designed for those who work in this sector of the motor trade industry. There are an array of flexible policies, that can be obtained whether you work on a part or full time basis. These are available to those operating from either their home or a garage.

Motorcycle traders Insurance is a bespoke motor trades policy that’s aimed at bike dealers whose core activities will include motorcycle sales, repairs, and will provide the essential areas of cover that are needed to protect your business.

As a motorcycle trader, you are likely to be very passionate about motorcycles and finding the right bike for someone is something you’ll probably want to get right the first time. Whether you are new to the trade or you’re an established professional being able to sell motorbikes is a skill that is learned from knowing the trade inside and out as well as having a robust and dependable reputation. Make sure you protect your reputation as motorcycle trader. This is something that could very well make or break your business.

Annual Policy Renewal Time ?

When it comes time for renewal do not make the mistake of taking this opportunity to shop around and compare the various option currently being offered by UK underwriters. Comparative site can help you do this, by circulating your cover requirements to multiple brokers. As these are obligation free you have the time to search until you arrive at  a policy and a price that meets your needs as a sole trader or  a larger business.    

Motorcycle trader insurance

Normally motorcycle policies can be arranged on a part-time of full-time basis with a degree of flexibility for example cover if you work from home or in a garage. Whether you want cover for a single bike or a fleet, we have a policy for you. Insurance quotes for under 25 traders insurance is a sought after product that we can also help provide you with comparative quotes online.

Cover Available

Common inclusion in any motorbike traders polciy typically include the following.

  • Personal belongings insurance. This will normally have a limit, typicll around £100  
  • Choice of Comprehensive or  Third Party covers available.
  • Bespoke motorbike trader policy to meet your requirements and reduce your costs available
  • Business Interruption cover for a period with a time limit normally 12 to 18 weeks

Trusted Insurers from across UK

You can apply for bike cover by filling the form on our website. The application process is simple. Simply provide us with your basic details and the details of your motorcycle and we’ll match you to insurance companies in the UK that are eager to cover you. The quotes are free so you have no commitments to worry about.Enter your text here...

When you complete out the online form brokers will compete to provide you with a policy that matches with your business requirements. Our network comprises of brokers and underwriters that specialise in this niche sector. You can compare the policies and apply for them online quickly and securely. No need to hassle yourself with a lot of paperwork and long wait times.

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