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  • Part time traders cover for all business types
  • Private van trader insurance
  • Employers/Public Liability Insurance
  • Sole Van Trader
  • Flexible Payments and Online Documentation
  • Under 25 and Under 21 Trade Insurance

Quotes for Trade Van insurance

Need solo van trader insurance ? Start by comparing the costs across multiple UK brokers. How? Select Get quotes and complete one simple online form. Your business van trader requirements will be sent automatically to a panel of UK insurance brokers that deal exclusively in van trader insurance.

One of the biggest business assets you may have is your van. Therefore, it is important to ensure it has the right insurance when on the road. Our aim is to provide a range of quotes for van tarder insurance. This should help you find the right vehicle insurance for their specific requirements. 

Whether you need to insure a small work van or want cover for a large vehicle or even a fleet, our insurers have a policy that will fit your budget. 

Features of Van Trader Insurance

Cover to suit your need.

  • Sole Van Trader: This cover is best if you use your van for both personal and commercial purposes. For instance, if you use the van for social purposes as well as doing business, you should purchase this cover.
  • Private: If the van is registered in your name and is used solely for personal purposes, for example, commuting to and from work, you need private cover. This cover is available for the policyholder (person whom the vehicle is registered under) and up to four additional drivers for each vehicle.
  • Company: If you have a business that is not a sole trader, you need a company cover.

We have a large network of specialist brokers that can provide trade cover for any type of  vehicle you have. We also offer custom quotes depending on the needs of our clients. Simply complete an easy online for to get quotes from our select panel of underwriters. All we request are a few details about yourself and the type of van traders cover and start comparing quotes in minutes.

Compare van trader insurance with multi broker quotes

When comparing broker premium quotes for van trader insurance check for any additional reason for booking with a particular supplier, as some offer incentives,especially for first time customers. 

  • Does the van insurance broker offer offer any guarantee on the quality of repairs made by our approved mechanics when you file a claim as and insured customer.
  • Do they provide 24/7 claims help line.
  • If you have more than one mobile work minivan on the road do they offer any discount for the second or multiple vans

Van Traders Cover

Here in the UK, Van trader insurance is a specific kind of insurance that is designed for individuals and business-owners involved with buying and selling vehicles. This type of insurance is typically required for all van traders who drive vehicles they don’t own, whether they operate their business from home or they have dedicated business premises.

Care, Custody, and Control as a Van Trader

Care, custody, and control is a term that is used when relating to how an individual or businesses undertakes their work on vehicles. This also applies when you are dealing with the sale of a vehicle that you are in temporary possession of. Even if you are selling a vehicle for someone else, the vehicle is no longer covered under the owner’s insurance. Because by law, all vehicles that are operated on the road must have insurance, this then falls to the van trader themselves to provide van trader

Compare Van Traders Insurance